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History of the English Springer Spaniel:

Spaniel-type dogs have a long history, spanning centuries, and have consistently remained a favored selection for hunting purposes in England. It was not uncommon for litters to produce dogs of differing sizes, leading hunters to employ these varying-sized canines for distinct roles and tasks.


The English Springer Spaniel boasts ancient and unadulterated origins, being the oldest among sporting gundogs. Originally, their primary purpose was to locate and spring game for the use of nets, falcons, or greyhounds. Today, they excel in finding, flushing, and retrieving game.

These dogs are characterized by their gentle and even-tempered nature, as well as their sociable disposition. They exhibit intelligence, obedience, and a quick aptitude for learning. Their affectionate nature makes them thrive when in the company of people and being around them as much as possible. (Source:


The English Springer Spaniel is symmetrically built, compact, and possesses a robust and lively demeanor. They are highly active dogs, standing tall on their legs and displaying the raciest build among all British land Spaniels.


English Springer Spaniels are known for their friendly and happy disposition. They are biddable dogs, which means they are cooperative and eager to please. It's essential to note that timidity or aggression is highly undesirable traits in this breed.


The English Springer Spaniel has a distinctive gait. Their forelegs move straight forward from the shoulder, allowing their feet to swing well forward in a natural, free manner. Their hocks drive efficiently under their body, maintaining alignment with the forelegs. During slower movements, they may exhibit a characteristic pacing stride, which is typical for this breed.


English Springer Spaniels possess a strong body that is neither excessively long nor too short. Their loin is muscular and robust, displaying a slight arch and a well-coupled structure. They have a deep, well-developed chest with well-sprung ribs, contributing to their overall physique and agility.

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