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The very best in Breeding English Springer Spaniels in Alabama

English Springer Spaniels are energetic, friendly dogs that are happy hunting in the fields or fetching in the park.

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Springers and Cockers 

Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels used to be the same breed. A litter of puppies would be separated by size. The smaller dogs were designated as Cocker Spaniels, which hunted a kind of bird called the woodcock, and the larger dogs were designated as Springer Spaniels. It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century that Springers and Cockers were designated separate breeds. (

They Appear in 16th Century Art

Though they may not have gone by the name “Springer Spaniel” in the 16th century, there are many paintings of dogs that look very much like English Springer Spaniels from that time period.(

There Are Two Types of Springers: Bench and Field

There are two different types of English Springer Spaniel: bench and field. Although the AKC breed standard does not separate the two types, there are some key differences. The bench type is designed for the show ring, so he has a longer, thicker coat with more feathering. The field type is designed for hunting, so he has a lighter coat and a docked tail.(

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Best in Show Dog Appearance

As a breed, English Springer Spaniels have won the third most Best in Show awards at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. With 6 titles, English Springer Spaniels fall behind Scottish Terriers with 8, and Wire Fox Terriers with 14.

William Wallace Likely Owned a Springer Spaniel

William Wallace was the commander of the Scottish army during the First War of Scottish Independence back in the late 13th century. Wallace apparently had a pet spaniel named Merlin that rode into the Battle of Stirling Bridge with the commander in 1297. Although it would have been too early to classify Merlin as an English Springer Spaniel, Wallace almost certainly owned a spaniel that would be developed into the English Springer Spaniel.

Many Celebrities Have Owned Springers

George W. Bush had an English Springer Spaniel named Spot, and George H.W. Bush had one named Millie. Other famous English Springer Spaniel owners include Princess Grace, and Oprah Winfrey.

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Overall English Springer Evaluation

In evaluating the English Springer Spaniel, the overall picture is a primary
consideration. One should look for type, which includes general appearance and outline, and also
for soundness, which includes movement and temperament. Inasmuch as the dog with a smooth
easy gait must be reasonably sound and well-balanced, he is to be highly regarded, however, not
to the extent of forgiving him for not looking like an English Springer Spaniel. An atypical dog,
too short or long in leg length or foreign in head or expression, may move well, but he is not to
be preferred over a good all-round specimen that has a minor fault in movement. It must be
remembered that the English Springer Spaniel is first and foremost a sporting dog of the Spaniel
family, and he must look, behave and move in character. (

Height and Weight

20 inches 50lbs MALE

19 Inches 40lbs FEMALE

Life Expectancy 

Both Male and Females
12 to 14 years

English Spaniel

The Neck

The neck is moderately long, muscular, clean and slightly arched at the
crest. It blends gradually and smoothly into sloping shoulders. 

Topline and Body

The portion of the topline from
withers to tail is firm and slopes very gently.

The body is short-coupled, strong and compact.

The chest is deep, reaching the level of the elbows, with well-developed forechest; however, it is not
so wide or round as to interfere with the action of the front legs. Ribs are fairly long, springing
gradually to the middle of the body, then tapering as they approach the end of the ribbed section.

The underline stays level with the elbows to a slight upcurve at the flank. The back is straight,
strong and essentially level. Loins are strong, short and slightly arched.

The Hips and Tail

Hips are nicely-rounded,
blending smoothly into the hind legs. The croup slopes gently to the set of the tail, and tail-set
follows the natural line of the croup.

The tail is carried horizontally or slightly elevated and
displays a characteristic lively, merry action, particularly when the dog is on game. A clamped
tail (indicating timidity or undependable temperament) is to be faulted, as is a tail carried at a
right angle to the backline in Terrier fashion. (

Plenty of Exercise

Our dogs have a climate controlled kennel and a huge play area. Most our adult dogs run free on our farm and get to swap out in the kennel to cool off or warm up. 

Our breeding technique is un-matched. We allow free run during exercise and daily play of our open farm like atmosphere, giving your future springer the very best in what nature has to offer. 

So if you are looking for a bird hunting dog or family pet, the English Spring is the best choice of most all breeds.

The English Springer was bred to detect game birds in high grass or bramble, flush or “spring” the birds from their cover, then point and retrieve the downed bird. Breed literature tells us that Springers will work relentlessly all day in the field and then, in the words of one historian, “retire to the easy companionship of family, hearth, and home after a good day’s hunt.”

As a pet they are our best friends, rarely leaving our side. They will give you the very best in facial emotions and seem to understand your mood almost empathically. 

Our springers have plenty of family interaction as well as outside play giving them a well rounded day. And easily trained, your new family member will be ready for an exciting future of discoveries.


Our dogs have a climate controlled kennel and a huge play area. Most our adult dogs run free on our farm and get to swap out in the kennel to cool off or warm up.  

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About the Breed

The English Springer Spaniel is a sweet-faced, lovable bird dog of great energy, stamina, and brains. Sport hunters cherish the duality of working Springers: handsome, mannerly pets during the week, and trusty hunting buddies on weekends. 

English Spring Spaniel
English Spring Spaniel

Strawberry Spaniel Puppies

The Breed that's Built Strong

Built for long days in the field, English Springer Spaniels are tough, muscular hunters standing 19 to 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing between 40 and 50 pounds. 

Strawberry Spaniel Puppies

Truly our Best Friend!

Bred to work closely with humans, Springers are highly trainable people-pleasers. They crave company and are miserable when neglected. Polite dogs, Springers are good with kids and their fellow mammals.
They are eager to join in any family activity. Long walks, games of chase and fetch, and swimming are favorite pastimes of these rugged spaniels

English Spring Spaniel
English Spring Spaniel

Strawberry Spaniel Puppies

Double Coated

The double coat comes in several colors and patterns, the ears are long and lush, and the kindly, trusting expression of the eyes is a cherished hallmark of the breed. Springers move with a smooth, ground-covering stride.

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